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Freshly Arrived Offers for Los Angeles
Airport Booking Season Airline From
Heathrow Jan, 01 2017 - Mar, 31 2017

Air New Zealand

£ 504
Manchester Jan, 03 2017 - Mar, 29 2017

Delta Air Lines

£ 635
Manchester Jan, 03 2017 - Mar, 29 2017


£ 639
Manchester Jan, 03 2017 - Mar, 29 2017

Air France

£ 641
Heathrow Jan, 03 2017 - Mar, 29 2017

United Airlines

£ 657
Heathrow Jan, 03 2017 - Mar, 29 2017


£ 660
Heathrow Jan, 03 2017 - Mar, 29 2017

Swiss Air

£ 687
Heathrow Jan, 03 2017 - Mar, 29 2017

Air Canada

£ 690
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Travel Guide for Los Angeles

Millions of visitors arrive each year in Los Angeles eager to experience for themselves the epitome of the American Dream; to find the self-indulgent living soap-opera lifestyles, to experience firsthand the images that are strangely-familiar thanks to the ‘big screen’, and to walk in the footsteps of the stars. The fantasy worlds of Disneyland and Hollywood, the famed extravagance of Beverley Hills and Malibu, and the sun-soaked beach culture are just some of the attractions within this `City of Angels`. Los Angeles is not really a city but rather a sprawling metropolis constituting more than 80 smaller city areas woven together by a daunting network of traffic-congested freeways without a clearly defined centre. LA is just one of these cities with Downtown at its heart, and lying outside the city limits is the surrounding conglomeration of cities that comprises LA County....  

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